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OmniMount U2-F
OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum

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OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum
[U2-F, U2.F, U2 F, U2_F, U2F]
We recently made changes to our inventory of products and decided to no longer carry this item.

If you are still interested in purchasing the OmniMount U2-F please use the following Amazon product link.

OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum

Doing so will help us continue to employ our wonderful staff that works hard to support every customer everyday.

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OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum

& Features

OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Flat Panel - Platinum

OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum

Omnimount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Flat Panel Mount features our exclusive installation template and Lift n' Lock installation for the easiest and most universal install in the industry. Universal Mount - No Adaptor Plate Needed

Features of the OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum

  • Ideal for Flat Panels from 23” to 37”
  • Single or Double Stud Installation
  • High Capacity/Low Profile Design
  • Fast and easy install low profile fixed mount with Lift-and-Lock installation
  • Universal mounting rails with tilt
  • Sliding lateral on-wall adjustment
  • Single or double stud wall plate: max 16.8” (427mm) stud separation
  • Chrome plated support rods allow for easy horizontal adjustment
  • Integrated flip lock for the ultimate security
  • Includes mounting guide and complete hardware kit
  • VESA compliant 75 to 200x200
  • Available in grey only
  • 80 lb. (36.3 kg) maximum weight capacity
  • Also Known As:
    U2 F


Specifications for the OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum

Listed below use the Television Compatibility Chart for the Omni Mount:

  • U1 - T (tilt) Small wall mount
  • U2 - F (flat) or T (tilt) Medium wall mount
  • U3 - F (flat) or T (tilt) Large wall mount
  • Make
    Acoustic Research AR4200 U3F, U3T Panasonic TX26LX1FZ U2F, U2T
    Acoustic Research AR50000 U3F, U3T Panasonic TX26LXD1 U2F, U2T
    Advent LC20H15 U1T Panasonic TX26LXD500 U2F, U2T
    Advent LC23U6A U1T Panasonic TX32LX1A U2F, U2T
    Akai CT-J42A2SA U3F, U3T Panasonic TX32LX1FZ U2F, U2T
    Akai CT-J46A2SA U3F, U3T Panasonic TX32LXD1 U2F, U2T
    Akai CT-J50A2SA U3F, U3T Panasonic TX32LXD500 U2F, U2T
    Akai LCT2060 U1T Panasonic TX32LXD52 U2F, U2T
    Akai LCT2092 U1T Philips 14PF6826/12 U1T
    Akai LCTD2092 U1T Philips 14PF7846/12 U1T
    Akai PDP4206EM U3F, U3T Philips 15PF5120/28 U1T
    Akai PDP4247 U3F, U3T Philips 15PF8946/12 U1T
    Akai PDP4247HD U3F, U3T Philips 15PF8946/37 U1T
    Akai PDP4249 U3F, U3T Philips 15PF9936/12 U1T
    Akai PDP4249G U3F, U3T Philips 15PFPP36 U1T
    Akai PDP4249HD U3F, U3T Philips 17PF8946/12 U1T
    Akai PDP4255 U3F, U3T Philips 17PF8946/37 U1T
    Akai PDP4294 U3F, U3T Philips 17PF8946A/37 U1T
    Akai PDP4295ED U3F, U3T Philips 17PF9946 U1T
    Akai PDP4295LV U3F, U3T Philips 17PF9946/12 U1T
    Akai PDP4296G U3F, U3T Philips 20PF5110/28 U1T
    Akai PDP4296HD U3F, U3T Philips 20PF5120/10 U1T
    Akai PDP4298EDI U3F, U3T Philips 20PF5120/28 U1T
    Akai PDP4698 U3F, U3T Philips 20PF5120/37 U1T
    Akai PDP-46TS2 U3F, U3T Philips 20PF5320/37 U1T
    Akai PDPH5094 U3F, U3T Philips 20PF7846/12 U1T
    Akira HPT 630TS U3T only Philips 20PF8846/12 U1T
    Akira LT-300 U2F, U2T Philips 20PF8946/37 U1T
    Akira LT-320 U2F, U2T Philips 20PF9945 U1T
    Akira LT-400 U3F, U3T Philips 23PF5320/28 U1T
    Akira LT-520 U3F, U3T Philips 23PF8946/12 U1T
    Apex AVL 2076 U1T Philips 23PF8946/37 U1T
    Apex AVL 2776 U2F, U2T Philips 23PF8946A U1T
    Apex AVL 3076 U2F, U2T Philips 23PF9945/12 U1T
    Apex AVL 3278 U2F, U2T Philips 23PF9946/12 U1T
    Astar LTV-2001 U1T Philips 23PF9956/12 U1T
    Audiovox FP1700DV U1T Philips 23PF9966 U1T
    Audiovox FP3000WS U2F, U2T Philips 24PW6518/05 U1T
    Audiovox FPE1505 U1T Philips 26PF5320/10 U2F, U2T
    Audiovox FPE1505DV U1T Philips 26PF5320/28 U2F, U2T
    Audiovox FPE1705 U1T Philips 26PF8946/12 U2F, U2T
    Audiovox FPE2005 U1T Philips 26PF9956/12 U2F, U2T
    Audiovox FPE2305 U1T Philips 26PF9966 U2F, U2T
    Audiovox FPE-2705 U2F, U2T Philips 26PF9986 U2F, U2T
    Audiovox FPE3000 U2F, U2T Philips 300WN5VB/27 U2F, U2T
    Audiovox FPE-3205 U2F, U2T Philips 30PF9946/12 U2F, U2T
    Audiovox FPE-3705 U3F, U3T Philips 32PF4320/10 U2F, U2T
    Axion ACN-6150 U1T Philips 32PF5320/10 U2F, U2T
    Barco LC40 U3F, U3T Philips 32PF5320/28 U2F, U2T
    Barco R90041 U3F, U3T Philips 32PF5320A/37 U2F, U2T
    BenQ DV2680 **U2F, U2T Philips 32PF7320/10 U2F, U2T
    BenQ DV3070 U3F, U3T Philips 32PF7320A/37 U2F, U2T
    BenQ DV3080 U3F, U3T Philips 32PF9630A/37 U2F, U2T
    BenQ DV4670 U3F, U3T Philips 32PF9830/10 U2F, U2T
    BenQ DV4680 U3F, U3T Philips 32PF9956/12 U2F, U2T
    BenQ FP2081 U1T Philips 32PF9966/37 U2F, U2T
    BenQ FP231W U1T Philips 32PF9976/12 U2F, U2T
    BenQ FP5575 V2 U1T Philips 32PF9986/12 U2F, U2T
    BenQ FP5675 V2 U1T Philips 32PF9996/37 U2F, U2T
    BenQ FP731 U1T Philips 37FD9954 U3F, U3T
    BenQ FP767 U1T Philips 37PF5320/10 U3T only
    BenQ FP767 12MS U1T Philips 37PF7320A/37 U3T only
    BenQ FP783 12MS U1T Philips 37PF9830/10 U3T only
    BenQ FP785 U1T Philips 37PF9936 U3F, U3T
    BenQ FP791 U1T Philips 37PF9946/12 U3F, U3T
    BenQ FP931 U1T Philips 37PF9965/12 U3F, U3T
    BenQ FP937S 12MS U1T Philips 37PF9975/12 U3F, U3T
    BenQ FP941 U1T Philips 37PF9986/12 U3F, U3T
    BenQ FP992 U1T Philips 42FD9935 U3F, U3T
    Broksonic CCVG1440 U1T Philips 42PF4476 U3F, U3T
    Brooksonic CCVG2070 U1T Philips 42PF7320/10 U3F, U3T
    Byd:sign D:1512 U1T Philips 42PF7320A/37 U3T only
    Byd:sign D:1514 U1T Philips 42PF9630A/37 U3T only
    Byd:sign D:2012 U1T Philips 42PF9730A/37 U3T only
    Byd:sign D:2232 U1T Philips 42PF9830/10 U3F, U3T
    Byd:sign D:3032 U2F, U2T Philips 42PF9830A/37 U3F, U3T
    Byd:sign D:4032 U3F, U3T Philips 42PF9936D U3F, U3T
    Byd:sign D:4222 U3F, U3T Philips 42PF9945 U3F, U3T
    Byd:sign D:4232 U3F, U3T Philips 42PF9946/12 U3F, U3T
    Byd:sign D:5032 U3F, U3T Philips 42PF9956/12 U3F, U3T
    Champion 42CVI U3F, U3T Philips 42PF9956/37 U3F, U3T
    Champion CV-120 TV U1T Philips 42PF9966/12 U3F, U3T
    Christy FP40 U3F, U3T Philips 42PF9976 U3F, U3T
    Clarity SN-4610-1080 U3F, U3T Philips 42PF9986/12 U3F, U3T
    Clarity Baycat U3F, U3T Philips 42PF9996/37 U3T only
    Clarity Bobcat U3F, U3T Philips 50PF7320/10 U3T only
    Coby TFDVD-1540 U1T Philips 50PF7320A/37 U3F, U3T
    Coby TFTV-1503 U1T Philips 50PF7320A/37 U3T only
    Coby TFTV-1703 U1T Philips 50PF9630A/37 U3T only
    Coby TFTV-2003 U1T Philips 50PF9830A/37 U3T only
    Continental Edison CE26L430 U2F, U2T Philips 50PF9956 U3F, U3T
    Crystal View CVP-43HD U3F, U3T Philips 50PF9966 U3F, U3T
    Crystal View CVP-50HD U3F, U3T Philips 50PF9966/12 U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DLA-26D1 U2F, U2T Philips 50PF9986/37 U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DLA-32D1 U2F, U2T Philips BDH4223V/27 U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DLN-17D3 U1T Philips BDH5011/74 U3T only
    Daewoo DLP2622 U2F, U2T Philips BDL4211V/27 U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DLP32D1 U2F, U2T Philips BDS4621/27 U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DP42SM U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP424MV U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DP-60SM U3T only Pioneer PDP424MVE1 U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DSL-15D3 U1T Pioneer PDP-42A3HD U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DSL-17D3 U1T Pioneer PDP-4345HD U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DSL20D1T U1T Pioneer PDP-434CMX U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DSL-20D3 U1T Pioneer PDP434HG U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DT4242 U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP4350HD U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DT4280NH U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP435FDE U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DTS42 U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP435HDE U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DTS-42HD4 U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP4360HD U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DTS-50HDA U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP43A5HD U3F, U3T
    Daewoo DTS-50HDT U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP43MXE1 U3F, U3T
    Dell HP4200HD U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP43MXE1S U3F, U3T
    Dell W1700 U1T Pioneer PDP-504CMX U3F, U3T
    Dell W1900 U1T Pioneer PDP504HDE U3F, U3T
    Dell W2300 U1T Pioneer PDP5050HD U3F, U3T
    Dell W2600 U2F, U2T Pioneer PDP505HDE U3F, U3T
    Dell W3000 U2F, U2T Pioneer PDP5060HD U3F, U3T
    Dell W4200ED U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP50A5HD U3F, U3T
    Dell W4200HD U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP50MXE1 U3F, U3T
    Digimate DGL20 U1T Pioneer PDP50MXE1S U3F, U3T
    Digix LA2000 U1T Pioneer PDP50MXE1S U3F, U3T
    DWIN HD-142 U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP-6100HD U3T only
    DWIN HD-150 U3F, U3T Pioneer PDP-614MX U3T only
    DWIN HD-161 U3T only Pioneer PRO1010HD U3F, U3T
    Emprex HD-2001 U1T Pioneer PRO1020HD U3F, U3T
    Emprex HD-3201 U2F, U2T Pioneer PRO1110HD U3F, U3T
    Envision A42W64 U3F, U3T Pioneer PRO1120HD U3F, U3T
    Epoq HTV-30A1 U2F, U2T Pioneer PRO1130HD U3F, U3T
    Epoq HTV-40A2 U3F, U3T Pioneer PRO1410HD U3T only
    Epoq HTV-42A3 U3F, U3T Pioneer PRO1420HD U3T only
    Epoq HTV-50A2 U3F, U3T Pioneer PRO1500HD U3F, U3T
    Epoq HTV-63A2 U3T only Pioneer PRO810HD U3F, U3T
    ESA PDP4294LV U3F, U3T Pioneer PRO820HD U3F, U3T
    Faroudja FDP-42HD20 U3F, U3T Pioneer PRO910HD U3F, U3T
    Faroudja FDP-50HD20 U3F, U3T Pioneer PRO920HD U3F, U3T
    Faroudja FDP-61HD20 U3T only Pioneer PRO930HD U3F, U3T
    Ferguson FL23WX1 U1T Planar PDP42BK U3F, U3T
    Ferguson FL32WX2 U2F, U2T Planar PDP42HD U3F, U3T
    Ferguson FLX26WX1 U2F, U2T Planar PDP50P U3F, U3T
    Fujitsu P42HCA30EH U3F, U3T Planar PX212M U1T
    Fujitsu P42HCA30WH U3F, U3T Planar XP15SSA-01 U1T
    Fujitsu P42HHA30ES U3F, U3T Planar XP17W U1T
    Fujitsu P42HHA30WS U3F, U3T Polaroid LCD 2000 U1T
    Fujitsu P42HHA40 U3F, U3T Polaroid FLM1511 U1T
    Fujitsu P42HHA40US U3F, U3T Polaroid FLM2011 U1T
    Fujitsu P42HHS30ES U3F, U3T Polaroid FLM2601 U2F, U2T
    Fujitsu P42VCA30EH U3F, U3T Polaroid FLM3211 U2F, U2T
    Fujitsu P42VCA30WH U3F, U3T Polaroid FLM3701 U3F, U3T
    Fujitsu P42VHA30WS U3F, U3T Prima PH-42D8 U3F, U3T
    Fujitsu P42VHA31ES U3F, U3T Prima PH-42D8 U3F, U3T
    Fujitsu P42VHA40 U3F, U3T Prima LC23U6P U1T
    Fujitsu P42VHA40US U3F, U3T Princeton AR4.6PDP U3F, U3T
    Fujitsu P50XCA11WH U3F, U3T Proton LX-32BIC2 U2F, U2T
    Fujitsu P50XCA30EH U3F, U3T Proton LX-37AIC2 U2F, U2T
    Fujitsu P50XCA30WH U3F, U3T Proton LX-37AIC2 U2F, U2T
    Fujitsu P50XHA30ES U3F, U3T Proview HV-145 U1T
    Fujitsu P50XHA30WS U3F, U3T Proview HV-147 U1T
    Fujitsu P50XHA40 U3F, U3T Proview HV-177 U1T
    Fujitsu P50XHA40US U3F, U3T Proview HV-202AT U1T
    Fujitsu P55XHA30ES U3F, U3T Proview HV-207 U1T
    Fujitsu P55XHA30WS U3F, U3T Proview HX-263 U2F, U2T
    Fujitsu P55XHA40 U3F, U3T Proview HX-303 U2F, U2T
    Fujitsu P55XHA40US U3F, U3T Proview MH-422HU U3F, U3T
    Fujitsu P63XHA30ES U3T only Proview MH-422SU U3F, U3T
    Fujitsu P63XHA30WS U3T only Proview MH-464SU U3F, U3T
    Fujitsu P63XHA40US U3T only RCA 15LT500TD U1T
    Fujitsu ZPM42WA U3F, U3T RCA 17L600TD U1T
    Funai F20LCTE U1T RCA LCDS2022B U1T
    Funai F42PDME U3F, U3T RCA LCDX2328WD U1T
    Gateway 23 "U1T RCA LCDX2620W U2F, U2T
    Gateway 30 "U2F, U2T RCA LCDX2722W U2F, U2T
    Gateway GTW-L23M103 U1T RCA LCDX3022W U2F, U2T
    Gateway GTW-L26M103 U2F, U2T Revox E-1032 U2F, U2T
    Gateway GTW-L30M403 U2F, U2T Revox E-1042 U3F, U3T
    Gateway GTW-P42M303 U3F, U3T Revox E-1050 U3F, U3T
    Gateway GTW-P42M403 U3F, U3T Revox E-632 U2F, U2T
    Gateway GTW-P50M103 U3F, U3T Runco CW-43MC U3F, U3T
    Gateway GTW-P50M403 U3F, U3T Runco CW-50MC U3F, U3T
    Go Video T1530 U1T Runco CW-50XA U3F, U3T
    Go Video T1730 U1T Runco PCW50MC U3F, U3T
    GoVideo TA2050 U1T Runco PL-43DHD U3F, U3T
    Grundig LCX17WSI U1T Runco PL-50DHD U3F, U3T
    Helios HPTV-4202A U3F, U3T Runco PL-61DHD U3T only
    Helios HPTV-5002A U3F, U3T Sagem AXIUM HDL27 U2F, U2T
    Hitachi 22LD4200 U1T Sagem HDD50 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 22LD4500 U1T Sampo LME-20VC10 U1T
    Hitachi 26HDL52 U2F, U2T Sampo LME-27XP10 U2F, U2T
    Hitachi 28LD5200 U2F, U2T Sampo LME-30XP10 U2F, U2T
    Hitachi 32HDL51 U2F, U2T Sampo PME-42L7 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 32HDL52 **U2F, U2T Sampo PME-42VC10 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 32HDX60 U2F, U2T Sampo PME-42X7 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 32PD3000 U2F, U2T Sampo PME-50L7 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 32PD5000 U2F, U2T Sampo PME-50X7 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 32PD5200 U2F, U2T Samsung 192MP U1T
    Hitachi 32PD5300 U2F, U2T Samsung 204T U1T
    Hitachi 37PD5000 U3F, U3T Samsung 20M21C Call Omnimount
    Hitachi 37PD5200 U3F, U3T Samsung 242MP U1T
    Hitachi 42EDF41 U3F, U3T Samsung 243T U1T
    Hitachi 42EDT41 U3F, U3T Samsung 323T Call Omnimount
    Hitachi 42HDF52 U3F, U3T Samsung 400P U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42HDM70 U3F, U3T Samsung 460P U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42HDS52 U3F, U3T Samsung 510 MP U1T
    Hitachi 42HDT51 U3F, U3T Samsung 710MP U1T
    Hitachi 42HDX60 U3F, U3T Samsung 715V U1T
    Hitachi 42HDX61 U3F, U3T Samsung 930MP U1T
    Hitachi 42PD3000 U3F, U3T Samsung HPP3761 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42PD4200 U3F, U3T Samsung HPP4261 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42PD5000 U3F, U3T Samsung HPP4271 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42PD5100 U3F, U3T Samsung HPP5581 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42PD5200 U3F, U3T Samsung HPR4252 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42PD5300 U3F, U3T Samsung HPR4272 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42PMA400E U3F, U3T Samsung HP-R5052 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42PMA500E U3F, U3T Samsung HPR5072 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 42PMA500EZ U3F, U3T Samsung HP-R6372 U3T only
    Hitachi 50HDX60 U3F, U3T Samsung HP-R8082 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 50VX500 U3F, U3T Samsung HP-R8082B U3F, U3T
    Hitachi 55HDM71 U3F, U3T Samsung LE15E31S U1T
    Hitachi 55HDT51 U3F, U3T Samsung LE26A41B U2F, U2T
    Hitachi 55HDX61 U3F, U3T Samsung LE26R31 U2F, U2T
    Hitachi 55PMA550E U3F, U3T Samsung LE26R41 U2F, U2T
    Hitachi 60VX500 U3T only Samsung LE26R51 U2F, U2T
    Hitachi CMP4203 U3F, U3T Samsung LE32A41B Call Omnimount
    Hitachi CMP420V1 U3F, U3T Samsung LE32R31 U2F, U2T
    Hitachi CMP420V2 U3F, U3T Samsung LE32R41 U2F, U2T
    Hitachi CMP4211U U3F, U3T Samsung LE32R51 U2F, U2T
    Hitachi CMP4212E U3F, U3T Samsung LE-40M51 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi CMP4212U U3F, U3T Samsung LE-40M61 U3F, U3T
    Hitachi CMP4213E U3F, U3T Samsung LNR1550 U1T
    Hitachi CMP4214E U3F, U3T Samsung LNR2050 U1T
    Hitachi CMP5000WXE U3F, U3T Samsung LNR238W U1T
    Hitachi CMP55HDM71 U3F, U3T Samsung LNR2668W U2F, U2T
    HP LC2640N U2F, U2T Samsung LNR268W U2F, U2T
    HP LC3040N U2F, U2T Samsung LNR3228W U2F, U2T
    HP LC3240N U2F, U2T Samsung LNR328W U2F, U2T
    HP PE4220N U3F, U3T Samsung LNR329D U2F, U2T
    HP LC2600N U2F, U2T Samsung LNR408D U2F, U2T
    HP LC3200N U2F, U2T Samsung LNR409D U2F, U2T
    HP LC3700N U3F, U3T Samsung LNR469D U3F, U3T
    HP PE4240N U3F, U3T Samsung LS15513C U1T
    HP PK657AA U1T Samsung LS15E33C U1T
    HP PL4240N U3F, U3T Samsung LS15N13W U1T
    HP PL4245N U3F, U3T Samsung LS17N13W U1T
    HP PL5000N U3F, U3T Samsung LS22A13WD U1T
    Hyundai HLT-1711 U1T Samsung LS32A23W Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HLT-2051 U1T Samsung LS40A23W U3F, U3T
    Hyundai HLT-2310 U1T Samsung LTN1565 U1T
    Hyundai HLT-2630 U2F, U2T Samsung LTP1545 Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HLT-2710 U2F, U2T Samsung LTP1745 Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HLT-3010 U2F, U2T Samsung LTP2035 U1T
    Hyundai HLT-3220 U2F, U2T Samsung LTP2045 Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HPT-4241 U3F, U3T Samsung LTP227W Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HPT-4250 U3F, U3T Samsung LTP266W U2F, U2T
    Hyundai HPT-5001 U3F, U3T Samsung LTP267W U2F, U2T
    Hyundai HPT-5041 U3F, U3T Samsung LTP326W Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HPT-6041 U3T only Samsung LTP327W Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HPTD-4201S U3F, U3T Samsung LW15B13 Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HPTN-4200 U3F, U3T Samsung LW15M23C Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HPTO-4241S U3F, U3T Samsung LW15M24CX U1T
    Hyundai HQL170WR U1T Samsung LW17M11C U1T
    Hyundai HQL200NR U1T Samsung LW17M24C Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HQL260WR U2F, U2T Samsung LW17N23NW U1T
    Hyundai HQL320WR U2F, U2T Samsung LW20M11C U1T
    Hyundai HQP421SR U3F, U3T Samsung LW20M21C Call Omnimount
    Hyundai HQP501HR U3F, U3T Samsung LW20M23CX U1T
    Hyundai PD421 U3F, U3T Samsung LW22N23W Call Omnimount
    Iiyama L260W U2F, U2T Samsung LW26A33W U2F, U2T
    Iiyama L320W U2F, U2T Samsung LW26A33WX U2F, U2T
    Iiyama L323W U2F, U2T Samsung LW32A23W Call Omnimount
    Iiyama L400W U3F, U3T Samsung LW32A33WX Call Omnimount
    Iiyama L4760W U3F, U3T Samsung LW40A23W U3F, U3T
    Infocus 3000I U2F, U2T Samsung LW46G15W U3F, U3T
    Infocus TD30 U2F, U2T Samsung PPM42H3 U3F, U3T
    Infocus TD40 U3F, U3T Samsung PPM42M5H U3F, U3T
    Infocus TD61 U3T only Samsung PPM42M5S U3F, U3T
    Initial DTV-262 U1T Samsung PPM42S3Q U3F, U3T
    Initial STV-232 U1T Samsung PPM42S3QX U3F, U3T
    Jenson AR3000 U2F, U2T Samsung PPM50H3QX U3F, U3T
    Jenson AR5000 U3F, U3T Samsung PPM50M5H U3F, U3T
    Jenson FPE3000 U2F, U2T Samsung PPM63H3Q U3T only
    JVC AV42V31B U3F, U3T Samsung PPM63H3X U3T only
    JVC GD V422UA U3F, U3T Samsung PPM63HQ U3T only
    JVC GD V502U U3F, U3T Samsung PS42D4SXX U3F, U3T
    JVC GM V42UG U3F, U3T Samsung PS42NSB U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-17C50BJ U1T Samsung PS42P4AXX U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-17D50BK U1T Samsung PS42S5H U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-17E31 U1T Samsung PS43P3S U3F, U3T
    JVC LT17E75 U1T Samsung PS50P3H U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-17X475 U1T Samsung PS50P3HXX U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-17X576 U1T Samsung SM323T Call Omnimount
    JVC LT-17X576 U1T Samsung SM403T Call Omnimount
    JVC LT20E50SU U1T Samsung SP-P4231 U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-23C50BJ U1T Samsung SP-P4251 U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-23D50BK U1T Samsung SPR4232 U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-23E31 U1T Samsung TXP-1430 U1T
    JVC LT23E75 U1T Sanyo 27IDTV U2F, U2T
    JVC LT-23X475 U1T Sanyo CE15LC3B U1T
    JVC LT-23X576 U1T Sanyo CE20LC3B U1T
    JVC LT-26C31 U2F, U2T Sanyo CE27LC3B U2F, U2T
    JVC LT-26C31S U2F, U2T Sanyo CE30LC3B U2F, U2T
    JVC LT-26D50BJ U2F, U2T Sanyo CE30LD3B U2F, U2T
    JVC LT26E31BJ U2F, U2T Sanyo CE30LD3BK U2F, U2T
    JVC LT-26X506 U2F, U2T Sanyo CLT1554 U1T
    JVC LT-26X575 U2F, U2T Sanyo CLT2054 U1T
    JVC LT-26X576 U2F, U2T Sanyo PDP-37HD3 U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-26X776 U2F, U2T Sanyo PDP-42H1AN U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-32C31 U2F, U2T Sanyo PDP-42H2W U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-32C31BUE U2F, U2T Sanyo PDP-42HD3 U3F, U3T
    JVC LT-32C31S U2F, U2T Sanyo PLD-30HD3 U2F, U2T
    JVC LT-32D50BJ U2F, U2T Sceptre X30SV U2F, U2T
    JVC LT-32WX84 U2F, U2T Sharp LC13B4E U1T
    JVC LT-32X475 U2F, U2T Sharp LC13B6U U1T
    JVC LT-32X506 U2F, U2T Sharp LC13B8US U1T
    JVC LT-32X575 U2F, U2T Sharp LC13E1E U1T
    JVC LT-32X576 U2F, U2T Sharp LC13E2U U1T
    JVC LT-32X776 U2F, U2T Sharp LC13S1E U1T
    JVC LT-37X776 U3F, U3T Sharp LC13S1U U1T
    JVC LT-40X776 U3F, U3T Sharp LC13S2U U1T
    JVC PD-35B50 U2F, U2T Sharp LC13SH1E U1T
    JVC PD-42B50 U3F, U3T Sharp LC13SH1S U1T
    JVC PD-42V31 U3F, U3T Sharp LC13SH1U U1T
    JVC PD-42V475 U3F, U3T Sharp LC13SH4U U1T
    JVC PD-42V485 U3F, U3T Sharp LC1551M U1T
    JVC PD-42X776 U3F, U3T Sharp LC15B4E U1T
    JVC PD-42X795 U3F, U3T Sharp LC15B4M U1T
    JVC PD-42X995 U3F, U3T Sharp LC15B5EE U1T
    JVC PD-50X795 U3F, U3T Sharp LC15B6US U1T
    JVC PD-50X995 U3F, U3T Sharp LC15B8US U1T
    LG 15LA6R U1T Sharp LC15B9U U1T
    LG 15LW1R U1T Sharp LC15E1E U1T
    LG 20LA6R U1T Sharp LC15E2U U1T
    LG 23LX1RV U1T Sharp LC15L1E U1T
    LG 23LX2R U1T Sharp LC15S1E U1T
    LG 26LX1D U2F, U2T Sharp LC15S1U U1T
    LG 26LX2D U2F, U2T Sharp LC15S1UB U1T
    LG 26LX2R U2F, U2T Sharp LC15S1US U1T
    LG 32LP1D U2F, U2T Sharp LC15S2US U1T
    LG 32LX1D U2F, U2T Sharp LC15S4US U1T
    LG 32LX2D U2F, U2T Sharp LC15SH1E U1T
    LG 32LX2R U2F, U2T Sharp LC15SH1U U1T
    LG 37LP1D U3F, U3T Sharp LC15SH4U U1T
    LG 42LP1D U3F, U3T Sharp LC20B4E U1T
    LG RZ42PY10 U3F, U3T Sharp LC20B4M U1T
    LG RZ50PY10 U3F, U3T Sharp LC20B5E U1T
    LG RZ60PY10 U3T only Sharp LC20B5EE U1T
    Loewe 42B U3F, U3T Sharp LC20B6E U1T
    Loewe 42PL U3F, U3T Sharp LC20B6U U1T
    Loewe SPHEROS 37HD U3F, U3T Sharp LC20B6US U1T
    Loewe XELOS SL20 U1T Sharp LC20B8U U1T
    Logik LCX14LN1 U1T Sharp LC20B8US U1T
    Logik LCX17LN2 U1T Sharp LC20B9U U1T
    Logik LCX27WN2 U2F, U2T Sharp LC20E1E U1T
    Logik LCXW23NT4 U1T Sharp LC20E2U U1T
    Logik LCXW30NN6 U2F, U2T Sharp LC20PX1U U1T
    Luxeon LT20PL1-A U1T Sharp LC20S1E U1T
    Magnavox 15MF050V U1T Sharp LC20S1M U1T
    Magnavox 15MF150V U1T Sharp LC20S1UB U1T
    Magnavox 15MF170V U1T Sharp LC20S1US U1T
    Magnavox 15MF200V U1T Sharp LC20S4S U1T
    Magnavox 15MF400T U1T Sharp LC20S4US U1T
    Magnavox 15MF605T U1T Sharp LC20SH1E U1T
    Magnavox 17MD255V U1T Sharp LC20SH1S U1T
    Magnavox 17MF200V U1T Sharp LC20SH1U U1T
    Magnavox 20MF200V U1T Sharp LC20SH3U U1T
    Magnavox 20MF2011 U1T Sharp LC20SH4U U1T
    Magnavox 20MF605T U1T Sharp LC22AA1M U1T
    Magnavox 20MF605T U1T Sharp LC22AA1U U1T
    Magnavox 26MD255V U2F, U2T Sharp LC22ADIE U1T
    Magnavox 26MF605W U2F, U2T Sharp LC22HV6U U1T
    Magnavox 30MF200V U2F, U2T Sharp LC22SV2E U1T
    Magnavox 32MF605W U2F, U2T Sharp LC22SV2U U1T
    Magnavox 42MF130A/37 U3F, U3T Sharp LC26ADIE U2F, U2T
    Magnavox 42MF7000 U3F, U3T Sharp LC26D4U U2F, U2T
    Magnavox HD202AT U1T Sharp LC26D5U U2F, U2T
    Marantz PD-4220V U3F, U3T Sharp LC26D6U U2F, U2T
    Marantz PD-4240D U3F, U3T Sharp LC26D7U U2F, U2T
    Marantz PD-5040D U3F, U3T Sharp LC26DA5E U2F, U2T
    Marantz PD-5050D U3F, U3T Sharp LC26GA3E U2F, U2T
    Marantz PD-6140D U3T only Sharp LC26GA4E U2F, U2T
    Marantz PD-4230V U3F, U3T Sharp LC26GA4U U2F, U2T
    Marantz PD-4250D U3F, U3T Sharp LC26GA5E U2F, U2T
    Marantz PD-6150D U3T only Sharp LC26GA5U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-20V2 U1T Sharp LC26GD4U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-27X1 U2F, U2T Sharp LC26GD6U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-30X1 U2F, U2T Sharp LC32D4U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-42V1 U3F, U3T Sharp LC32D5U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-42X1 U3F, U3T Sharp LC32D6U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-50X1 U3F, U3T Sharp LC32D7U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-50X2 U3F, U3T Sharp LC32DA5U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-26X3 U2F, U2T Sharp LC32G4U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-32X3 U2F, U2T Sharp LC32GA3E U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-42VM10 U3F, U3T Sharp LC32GA4E U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-42VM11 U3F, U3T Sharp LC32GA5E U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-42XM11 U3F, U3T Sharp LC32GA5U U2F, U2T
    Maxent MX-50X2 U3F, U3T Sharp LC32GD1E U2F, U2T
    Mintek DVT-173 U1T Sharp LC32GD4U U2F, U2T
    Mintek DVT-263 U2F, U2T Sharp LC32GD6U U2F, U2T
    Mitsubishi LT2240 U1T Sharp LC32GDIE U2F, U2T
    Mitsubishi LT3040 U2F, U2T Sharp LC37ADIE U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi LT3050 U2F, U2T Sharp LC37D4U U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi LT3280 U2F, U2T Sharp LC37D5U U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi LT3780 U3F, U3T Sharp LC37D6U U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi LT4260 U3F, U3T Sharp LC37D7U U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi LT4265 U3F, U3T Sharp LC37DB5U U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi LT5560 U3F, U3T Sharp LC37G4U U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi MD421DP U3F, U3T Sharp LC37GA3E U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi MDT321S U2F, U2T Sharp LC37GA4E U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi MDT402S U3F, U3T Sharp LC37GA5E U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi MDT461S U3F, U3T Sharp LC37GB5U U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi MLM300 U2F, U2T Sharp LC37GD1E U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi PD4225S U3F, U3T Sharp LC37GD4/6U U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi PD5050 U3F, U3T Sharp LC37GD5U U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi PD5065 U3F, U3T Sharp LC37GDIE U3F, U3T
    Mitsubishi PD6150 U3T only Sharp LC37HV4E U3F, U3T
    Monovision PD46W00 U3F, U3T Sharp LC45GD1E U3F, U3T
    Nakamichi VU-29 U2F, U2T Sharp LC45GD4U U3F, U3T
    Nakamichi VU-50P U3F, U3T Sharp LC45GD5U U3F, U3T
    NEC 42VM5 U3F, U3T Sharp LC45GD6U U3F, U3T
    NEC 42VP5G U3F, U3T Sharp LC45GD7U U3F, U3T
    NEC 42VR5 U3F, U3T Sharp LC45GDIE U3F, U3T
    NEC 42XM2 U3F, U3T Sharp LC45GX6U U3F, U3T
    NEC 42XM3 U3F, U3T Sharp LC65D90U U3T only
    NEC 42XR3 U3F, U3T Sharp LCM3700 U3F, U3T
    NEC 50XM3 U3F, U3T Sharp LCM4500 U3F, U3T
    NEC 50XM4 U3F, U3T Sharp LD23SH1U U1T
    NEC 50XR4 U3F, U3T Sharp LD26D7U U2F, U2T
    NEC 61XM2 U3T only Sharp LD26SH1U U2F, U2T
    NEC 61XM3 U3T only Sherwood TL1700W U1T
    NEC 61XR3 U3T only Sherwood TL-3005W U2F, U2T
    NEC LCD2335WX U1T Sherwood TL-3205W U2F, U2T
    NEC LCD4010BK U3F, U3T Sherwood TL-4005W U3F, U3T
    NEC LCD4010BKIT U3F, U3T Sliding SL26KT04 U2F, U2T
    NEC LCD4610BK U3F, U3T Sony 42V1N U3F, U3T
    NEC LCD4610BKIT U3F, U3T Sony 42X1N U3F, U3T
    NEC PS-42VP5 U3F, U3T Sony 50PX1NS U3F, U3T
    NEC PS-50XM4 U3F, U3T Sony FWD-32LX1 U2F, U2T
    NEC PX42VM5A U3F, U3T Sony FWD-42LX1 U3F, U3T
    NEC PX-42VP4 U3F, U3T Sony FWD42PV1 U3F, U3T
    NEC PX42VP5A U3F, U3T Sony FWD-50PX1 U3F, U3T
    NEC PX-42XM2 U3F, U3T Sony KDE37XS955 Call Omnimount
    NEC PX-42XM3 U3F, U3T Sony KDE42XS955 Call Omnimount
    NEC PX42XM3A U3F, U3T Sony KDE-50MRX1 U3F, U3T
    NEC PX-50XM3 U3F, U3T Sony KDE50XS955 Call Omnimount
    NEC PX50XM4A U3F, U3T Sony KDE55XBR950 U3F, U3T
    NEC PX-61M2A U3T only Sony KDE-61MRX1 U3T only
    NEC PX-61XM2PA/S U3T only Sony KDE-P37XS1 U3F, U3T
    NEC PX-61XM3 U3T only Sony KDE-P42MRX1 U3F, U3T
    NEC PX61XM3A U3T only Sony KDEP42XS1 U3F, U3T
    Neovia 20-DT U1T Sony KDL32XBR950 U2F, U2T
    Neovia LT20ALP U1T Sony KDL42XBR950 U3F, U3T
    Neovia NEO-17DVD U1T Sony KDL-L32MRX1 U2F, U2T
    Neovia NEO-26TR U2F, U2T Sony KDL-L42MRX1 U3F, U3T
    Neovia NEO-HDD17 U1T Sony KDL-V26A10 U2F, U2T
    Norcent LM-730 U1T Sony KDL-V26XBR1 U2F, U2T
    Norcent LM-760 U1T Sony KDL-V32XBR1 U2F, U2T
    Norcent LM-960 U1T Sony KDL-V40XBR1 U3F, U3T
    Norcent LT-1720 U1T Sony KDX-46Q005 U3F, U3T
    Norcent LT-2020 U1T Sony KE42M1 U3F, U3T
    Norcent LT-2021 U1T Sony KE42XS911 U3F, U3T
    Norcent LT-2022 U1T Sony KE-50MR1E U3F, U3T
    Norcent LT-2070 U1T Sony KE50XS910 U3F, U3T
    Norcent LT-2720 U2F, U2T Sony KEMX42S1 U3F, U3T
    Norcent LT-2722 U2F, U2T Sony KEP37M1 U3F, U3T
    Norcent LT-2740 U2F, U2T Sony KEP37XS1 U3F, U3T
    Norcent LTV2001 U1T Sony KEP42M1 U3F, U3T
    Norcent PM-4201 U3F, U3T Sony KEP42XS1 U3F, U3T
    Norcent PT420 U3F, U3T Toshiba 17HLV85 U1T
    Norcent PT-4231 U3F, U3T Toshiba 17WL46 U1T
    Norcent PT4235 U3F, U3T Toshiba 17WL46B U1T
    Norcent PT-4240HD U3F, U3T Toshiba 17WLT46 U1T
    Norcent PT425 U3F, U3T Toshiba 20DL74 U1T
    NuVision NVX23HDU U1T Toshiba 20HL75 U1T
    NuVision NVX26HDU U2F, U2T Toshiba 20HLV85 U1T
    NuVision NVX32HDU U2F, U2T Toshiba 20VL44 U1T
    NuVision NVX37HDU U3F, U3T Toshiba 23HLV84 U1T
    Olevia Syntax DLT2711M U2F, U2T Toshiba 23HLV85 U1T
    Olevia Syntax DLT3212M U2F, U2T Toshiba 23WL46 U1T
    Olevia Syntax DLT3712 U2F, U2T Toshiba 23WLT46 U1T
    Olevia Syntax LCT50HV U3F, U3T Toshiba 26HL84 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT20HVK U1T Toshiba 26WL36PLC U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT20S U1T Toshiba 27HL85 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT26HVE U2F, U2T Toshiba 27HL95 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT26HVX U2F, U2T Toshiba 27HLV85 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT27HV U2F, U2T Toshiba 27HLV95 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT27HVS U2F, U2T Toshiba 27WL46 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT27HVX U2F, U2T Toshiba 30WL46 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT30HV U2F, U2T Toshiba 32HL84 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT30HVS U2F, U2T Toshiba 32HL95 **U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT32HV U2F, U2T Toshiba 32HLX84 **U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT32HVE U2F, U2T Toshiba 32HLX95 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT32HVM U2F, U2T Toshiba 32WL36 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT37HVE U2F, U2T Toshiba 32WL48 U2F, U2T
    Olevia Syntax LT37HVE U3F, U3T Toshiba 37HL95 U3F, U3T
    Olevia Syntax LT37HVS U2F, U2T Toshiba 37HLX95 U3F, U3T
    Olevia Syntax LT42HVI U3F, U3T Toshiba 37WL48 U3F, U3T
    Optima PD50 U3F, U3T Toshiba 42HPX84 U3F, U3T
    Packard Bell 300SW U2F, U2T Toshiba 42HPX95 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TC14LA2 U1T Toshiba 42WP46 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TC17LA2 U1T Toshiba 50HPX84 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TC19LX50 U1T Toshiba 50HPX95 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TC20LA2 U1T Toshiba SD-P4000 U1T
    Panasonic TC20LA5 U1T Toshiba SD-P5000 U1T
    Panasonic TC22LH30 U1T Toshiba SD-P7000 U1T
    Panasonic TC23LX50 U1T Vernex DDK420HDP U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TC26LX20 U2F, U2T Vernex DDK420PKG U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TC26LX50 U2F, U2T Vernex DDK500PDP U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TC32LX20 U2F, U2T Vernex DDK600PDP U3T only
    Panasonic TC32LX50 U2F, U2T Vernex EK420PDP U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH32LHD7UY U2F, U2T Vernex KLT201 U1T
    Panasonic TH37PA20A U3F, U3T Vidikron VP-42 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH37PA30A U3F, U3T Vidikron VP-42HD U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH-37PA30E U3F, U3T Vidikron VP-50 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH37PE30B U3F, U3T Vidikron VP-60 U3T only
    Panasonic TH-37PU25U U3F, U3T Viewera LCD V200T U1T
    Panasonic TH-37PW7B U3F, U3T Viewsonic N1300TV U1T
    Panasonic TH37PWD7BKJ U3F, U3T Viewsonic N1500TV U1T
    Panasonic TH-37PWD7UY U3F, U3T Viewsonic N1700W U1T
    Panasonic TH-37PX25UP U3F, U3T Viewsonic N1750W U1T
    Panasonic TH-37PX50U U3F, U3T Viewsonic N1800TV U1T
    Panasonic TH-42PA20A U3F, U3T Viewsonic N1800W U1T
    Panasonic TH-42PA20ES U3F, U3T Viewsonic N2010 U1T
    Panasonic TH-42PA30A U3F, U3T Viewsonic N2700W U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TH-42PA30E U3F, U3T Viewsonic N2750W U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TH-42PA30FJ U3F, U3T Viewsonic N3000W U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TH-42PD25UP U3F, U3T Viewsonic N3020W U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TH-42PD50U U3F, U3T Viewsonic N3200W U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH42PE30B U3F, U3T Viewsonic N3250W U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TH42PHD7BKJ U3F, U3T Viewsonic N4000WP U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH-42PHD7UY U3F, U3T Viewsonic N4050W U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH-42PV30E U3F, U3T Viewsonic VP 230MB U1T
    Panasonic TH-42PW7B U3F, U3T Viewsonic VPW 4200 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH42PWD7BKJ U3F, U3T Viewsonic VPW 4255 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH42PWD7BSJ U3F, U3T Viewsonic VPW 450HD U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH-42PWD7UY U3F, U3T Viewsonic VPW 500 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH-42PX25U U3F, U3T Viewsonic VPW 505 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH-42PX500U U3F, U3T Viewsonic VPW 505 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH-42PX50U U3F, U3T Viewsonic VPW 5500 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH42XVS30U U3F, U3T Viewsonic VPW231WB U1T
    Panasonic TH-50PD25UP U3F, U3T Viewsonic VT550 U1T
    Panasonic TH50PE30B U3F, U3T Vizio L20 U1T
    Panasonic TH-50PHD6UY U3F, U3T Vizio P4 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH50PHD7BSJ U3F, U3T Vizio P42 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH-50PHD7UY U3F, U3T Vizio P46 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TH-50PV30A U3F, U3T Westinghouse LTV-17V1 U1T
    Panasonic TH-50PX25U U3F, U3T Westinghouse LTV-20V2 U1T
    Panasonic TH-50PX500U U3F, U3T Westinghouse LTV-27W2 U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TH-50PX50U U3F, U3T Westinghouse LTV-30W1 U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TH50XVS30U U3F, U3T Westinghouse LTV-30W2 U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TH65PHD7UY Call OmnimountWestinghouse LTV-32W1 U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TH65XVS30U Call OmnimountWestinghouse LTV-32W2 U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TX14LA1F U1T Westinghouse W33001 U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TX17LX2 U1T World of Vision 270TN01W U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TX20LA1F U1T Yamaha PDM-4210 U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TX20LA2 U1T Zenith L15V24S U1T
    Panasonic TX20LA2A U1T Zenith L15V26D U1T
    Panasonic TX20LA2F U1T Zenith L23W26 U1T
    Panasonic TX20LB30A U1T Zenith L23W36 U1T
    Panasonic TX20LB30F U1T Zenith L27W46 U2F, U2T
    Panasonic TX22LT3F U1T Zenith P42W46X U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TX22LX2 U1T Zenith P42W46X/H U3F, U3T
    Panasonic TX22LX2F U1T Zenith Z23LA7R U1T
    Panasonic TX26LX1A U2F, U2T Zenith Z26LZ5R U2F, U2T
       Zenith Z37LZ5D U3F, U3T

    Required &

    Required and Recommended Products for the OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum

      Recommended Product(s):
     OmniMount Elegante Cable Cover - Platinum
    OmniMount Elegante Cable Cover - Platinum
     OmniMount Elegante Component Shelf -Platinum
    OmniMount Elegante Component Shelf -Platinum
     OmniMount Elegante Cable Cover - Black
    OmniMount Elegante Cable Cover - Black
     OmniMount Elegante Component Shelf -Black
    OmniMount Elegante Component Shelf -Black
    Note: Specifications and pricing of the OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the OmniMount U2-F Medium Universal Fixed Wall Mount - Platinum do not claim to be complete.
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